Full Power & Dedication!

Dedicated Hosted Servers: Reselling & Self Configuration

With Datasur’s Dedicated Hosted Server solution you can implement your processor and memory needs fast and as desired.


  • Full Customization
    You decide what your needs are for the parameters including processor, memory, etc. when configuring the server hardware.
  • Full Performance
    Datasur’s Dedicated Hosted Server gives you the possibility for your own customized environment, which offers extremely powerful processing of all relevant information.
  • Full Flexibility
    Datasur is your Trusted ICT Partner. We are very flexible and dynamic in the cooperation and therefore also offer the possibility to opt for monthly contracts. You are able to quickly take advantage of new opportunities and be able to respond to the ever-changing needs of your customers. With this service you can have the necessary facilities at the right time for an attractive price.

Why choose Datasur

Dedicated Hosted Servers?

  • Full control
    Datasur has you can reach, control and ultimately manage the entire hosting infrastructure. You get full portal access to automated processes for performing server startups, shutdowns, reboots, Operating System updates-reloads, Rescue Modes, IP configuration and management, Private networking, Switching & Routing, Alarm Management and Reporting.
  • Full security
    Datasur is the first-only-real ISO 27001 certified Tier 3 designed data center based in Suriname. Every aspect of our data centers from power-design-density and redundancy to locations (Santa Boma & Havenlaan), accessibility, cooling, connectivity and capacity, are precisely tuned to guarantee the best level of efficiency, effectiveness, availability, continuity and security.
  • Full Connectivity & Availability
    From within Datasur, your dedicated servers can be in direct contact with the global internet through, among other things, IPL (Internet Private Lines) solutions. A consistent offer of bandwidth locally and internationally is a key issue here. Thanks to advanced private peering and high availability solutions, we realize an impressive data center uptime starting from 99.5%.
  • Full Private Peering & Networking
    With our Private Networking solution, you can now connect dedicated servers to your private cloud. With a simple implementation you strengthen your internal connectivity, without connection to external networks or even without an internet connection. This hybrid configuration is a particularly cost-effective and secure solution.
  • Full Support
    Our engineers are at all times, 24x7x365, available-reachable and deployable by telephone, e-mail or via the Datasur Customer Portal. And if you prefer to perform the troubleshooting yourself, you can gain access to your environment at any time (logical and/or physical).



We treat your infrastructure as it is ours!


Do you have your own server (s), and do you want to store them securely?

Then you can save a large investment and use our data center for colocation. Our data center is equipped with all necessary facilities, so you don’t have to worry about that yourself.


  • Unprecedented Security
    With multiple security features such as 24/7 video surveillance and alarm monitoring, access and exit monitoring with guidance, cabinets with cylinder locks, we protect your valuable infrastructure based on accepted methods. We have fire-resistant walls and we follow best practices for fire detection and fire-fighting systems, including VESDA. Should a fire nevertheless occur, argon gas is immediately released to extinguish the fire and to limit the damage to a minimum.
  • Hybrid Features
    We fully understand that everyone has different wishes and needs when it comes to colocation options. That is why we offer you the possibility to combine the traditional colocation service with dedicated servers and cloud computing environments to meet your specific requirements. This way you avoid costs for installing infrastructure and internet between different locations.
  • 24/7 Expertise
    As part of our colocation service, certified and expert engineers are available 24/7 to perform a wide range of tasks at your request. This includes server reboots, circuit tests, replacing cables and cards, and regularly replacing backup tapes or other removable media.
  • Maximum Redundancy
    Our data centers have dual-powered IT equipment with multiple independent distribution paths and are equipped with UPS, backup and HVAC systems. In terms of connectivity, there is also the possibility of redundancy for wired and wireless connections with more than one operator.


  • Rack Unit
    This is the right solution for you if you want to make efficient use of the colocation benefits for a small number of servers. You can rent economical and affordable spaces.
  • Private Rack
    This is the right solution for you if your company needs a half or a whole private rack where scalability, power, privacy, cooling, connectivity and security are essential.

We care about how you do cloud-computing, not where you do it

Private cloud

Grow digitally even more with the benefits of your private cloud. We understand that your company may require a specific infrastructure in addition to the flexibility of the cloud. Our Private Cloud Service perfectly bridges the two to fill technological gaps, so that you can concentrate on the further growth of your company.

When we compare private cloud versus public cloud, we notice that private cloud offers the same benefits of virtualized computing power, such as scalability and flexibility, but with much more control, cost efficiency, privacy and security. You get a choice of packages for computing power, memory and storage. We combine them in a pool of resources to offer you a complete range of cloud services. With this solution you have complete control over the allocation of these resources.

Our private clouds are ideal for every kind of workload, from small websites to large-scale business applications.

  • Substantially lower costs
    By choosing your own private cloud, you retain maximum control, while both your IT-related capital investments and operating costs are limited in terms of total cost of ownership. Buying, using and maintaining an infrastructure at your own location requires significant investments, and as your business grows, the costs of scaling up will increase quickly.
  • Data storage and certification assurance
    When hosting your private cloud at Datasur, you benefit from the extra security in terms of data storage, since backups are made at regular intervals. In combination with our extensive certifications, this provides the reassurance and confidence that you need to be able to focus on the core responsibilities of your company, whereby IT can be seen as the enabler.
  • Maximum safety and flexibility
    A switch from your own infrastructure to the Datasur cloud does not mean that you will end up in a shared and often overbooked server environment. With our private cloud solution, you always have guaranteed virtual resources. Your data is safe and you get the capacity needed to keep your website and apps running at full speed.
  • Guaranteed continuity
    A private cloud computing setup offers a high degree of reliability, availability and continuity, reducing the risk of latency and downtime. Thanks to guaranteed resources, full redundancy and the support of our expert team, your business keeps running and you keep your customers satisfied.
  • Private Networking
    Private networking makes it possible to connect your dedicated servers to your private cloud, also known as VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting. A Virtual Private Server (VPS) offers a virtualized, cost-effective alternative to dedicated servers. They function as physical servers, but run on a flexible virtualization layer. Our Virtual Private Server is suitable for small to medium-sized workloads. You increase your internal connectivity without being connected to external networks or even the internet, through an easy implementation. This hybrid setup is both safe and cost effective.

Why choose Datasur

Dedicated Hosted Servers

  • Top of the Shelf Hardware
    Our prices are competitive. But that does not mean that we compromise on the quality of our hardware. Our private cloud solutions are built on advanced hardware from the world’s leading brands such as Huawei, Dell and HP. And of course we use separate physical networks for processing, storage and internet access, so that you are assured of the best possible cloud performance.
  • Dedicated Resources
    We guarantee the availability of resources in your private cloud environment, from computing power and storage packages to memory and network connectivity. We never overbook our servers, giving you complete control over their allocation and use.
  • Advanced connections
    From Datasur, your cloud servers can be in direct contact with the global internet through, among other things, IPL (Internet Private Lines) solutions. A consistent offer of bandwidth locally and internationally is a key issue here. Thanks to advanced private peering and high availability solutions, we realize an impressive data center uptime of 99.5%.

Specially adapted to your needs, we offer the best possible hybrid cloud configuration for every workload


Due to the constantly changing challenges and new technologies, your company must be able to continuously adapt to survive. This naturally means that your entire organization must be flexible – especially your infrastructure. Thanks to our hybrid cloud solutions you can better respond to changes. This way your business can grow, regardless of the challenges in your path.

Datasur is not a standard hybrid cloud provider, and our approach to building your optimum solution is by no means standard. Together with you, we accurately map the needs and workloads of your company. Based on this, we choose technology that matches this. Our experts then ensure that all components work together perfectly for you. And finally, we ensure that your solution runs smoothly, with optimum uptime and availability.

  • Agile Flexibiliteit
    If your company needs to adapt, we will change with you. We do not believe in the lock-in of one technology. We combine technologies for the best possible solution, regardless of your requirements. And our hybrid cloud solutions are scalable, so that they grow smoothly as needed.
  • Corporate Efficiency
    Our experts carefully consider your business goals in order to design an appropriate solution that perfectly matches this. There are three important principles when setting up every hybrid cloud solution: minimum costs, maximum quality and optimum use of all virtual components. In combination with the right technology for the right workload, this ensures that your company can work even more efficiently, with an optimal price-quality ratio
  • Availability and Continuity
    Your infrastructure, hybrid cloud environment and your data are our core business. We build in redundancy where necessary, so that the continuity of your business is guaranteed. Our data centers are certified by independent experts and provided with excellent physical security measures. You not only know where your data is, but also that all your data is securely stored there. Our security products and services add an extra layer of security, so you can concentrate on the important work: the development of your own company.